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Mike at Wilkes, June 2018

WVIA Interview

J. Michael Lennon, Norman Mailer’s archivist, editor, and authorized biographer who teaches creative writing at Wilkes University, talks about the two-volume boxed set, “Norman Mailer: The Sixties,” issued March 27, 2018, by the Library of America.

Study Creative Non-Fiction at Wilkes

Follow your passion, write your story, and work to get published with the Maslow Family Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Wilkes University.

J. Michael Lennon & Morris Dickstein on Norman Mailer

Mike Reads in Provincetown

Mike at the Darien Library

Norman Mailer Center 2013 Program Video

Mike Reads at the Darte Center

January 2014.

Mike on Art Beat

The private thoughts of a public man: the ambitions and insecurities of literary giant Norman Mailer.

A Reading of “Don Juan in Hell”

A video of Norman Mailer, Mike Lennon, Gore Vidal, and Norris Church Mailer in Don Juan in Hell, in October 2002.

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