Thanks to James Wolcott for the favorable look at The Mailer Review and mentioning Mike:

The most affecting “lion in winter” portion of The Mailer Review concerns two literary lions, actually, Mailer and his longtime nemesis Gore Vidal. They had been bitterly feuding for decades–the famous contretemps on The Dick Cavett Show entering round two years later at a cocktail party hosted by Lally Weymouth at which Mailer banged a glass off of Vidal’s head to the horror delight of the glitterati in attendance, including Jacqueline Onassis–but had forged a wary truce when–I quote from J. Michael Lennon, the author of the piece and Mailer’s archivist and official biographer–“Mailer needed Vidal’s help raising money to underwrite a meeting in New York of P.E.N., the international writers’ organization.” [Mailer was then the president of P.E.N.] “Vidal graciously accepted, and shared the stage with Mailer.”