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Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Crown Heights, Brooklyn.1

Mike and Barbara Wasserman. Photo by Donna Pedro Lennon.

Mike and Barbara Wasserman

Photos in the Brooklyn neighborhood where Norman Mailer lived for 45 years, by Marleen Wynants.

Never Amount to Anything

DID YOU KNOW? In 1946 when Mailer was writing The Naked and the Dead, he lived for a time with his parents at 102 Pierrepont Street, a brownstone apartment building in Brooklyn Heights. Arthur Miller lived in the same building where he was writing Death of a Salesman. When Miller and Mailer would bump into each other and chat at the mailbox, Mailer recalled, “We would talk and then we’d go away, and I know he was thinking what I was, which was, ‘That other guy is never going to amount to anything.’”

Take a Walking Tour with Mike

The Norman Mailer Center and Writers Colony is inviting you to the Norman Mailer Brooklyn Walking Book Tour hosted by our faculty member and Mailer’s authorized biographer, J. Michael Lennon. Starting in the lobby of the St. George Residence and ending at the Norman Mailer home, Lennon will guide participants through a stimulating narrative of Norman Mailer and other writers experiences in Brooklyn Heights. Lennon will also discuss his authorized biography of Norman Mailer as well as Mailer’s Brooklyn based 1951 novel, Barbary Shore. This inspiring event is open to you and other Norman Mailer Center participants.

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