Mike’s Intro to “Superman”

On November 3, 1960, five days before John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon for the presidency by less than one percent of the popular vote, Norman Mailer wrote to Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline. He was replying to her letter thanking him for his extraordinarily favorable report on her husband’s campaign, an essay (published in Esquire magazine three weeks before the election) titled “Superman Comes to the Supermarket.”


Norman Mailer Center 2013 Program Video


One Of Amazon’s Worst Trolls Has Written 276 Negative Reviews

Chris Roberts is a prolific troll on Amazon, having written 276 negative (mostly one-star) reviews, since late 2010, including one for A Double Life.


A Barn Reborn

Charles Webster Hawthorne built the barn in 1907 atop a sandy bluff in Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod. He opened it as an art school. . . . In time, however, the school closed. And as the decades passed, the barn became less an incubator of art than an object of art itself. Dozens of prominent artists and writers studied or otherwise spent time in the barn. The list includes Norman Rockwell and Jackson Pollock, Tennessee Williams and Norman Mailer. Little surprise then that in 1979, the barn joined the National Register of Historical Places.